Elizabeth Welcome Inn

Chef Al and the American Dream,
As the war broke down in Balkan Peninsula people scattered around the globe to start a new life. Al was one of those young men who found himself arriving in New York at the age of 18 only having 20 dollars to his name. His first job in New York City was a dishwasher at a Restaurant called Jon Thomas Inne. Within weeks of being a dishwasher Al found his way to the kitchen to eventually be promoted as the restaurant's top Chef. In the summer of 1999 Al found an opportunity to relocate to the Quad Cities as part of his restaurant career where he met his lovely wife Luli. Luli being from Andalusia IL was a young ambitious woman looking to find her place in life. After realizing they had so many things in common they found themselves falling in love and soon after getting married. With the joining of two like minds they opened up their first restaurant together on December 15th, 1999 called Al's Family Restaurant. Four years later on November 1st, 2004 they opened up their second restaurant the Welcome Inn of Elizabeth serving American/Mediterranean home style foods in the heart of Jo Davies County Illinois. This restaurant is praised for it's good food and service to its customers.

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